basset hound in park with middle-age woman

Basset Hound

With long ears and adorably droopy faces, Basset Hounds are irresistibly charming. But are they the best dogs for seniors and retirees? Are Basset Hounds good for seniors? Seniors have reported to absolutely adore Basset […]

American Eskimo

American Eskimo

Lovingly called Eskies, American Eskimos are affectionate and people-oriented dogs who love companionship. An Eskie is a good fit for seniors who are more active and can take their dogs outdoors for long periods of […]

westie walking outdoors

West highland white terrier

Entertaining and energetic, the west highland white terrier has all the qualities to charm dog lovers. He is remarkably similar to other terrier breeds but is he the best dog for seniors and retirees? Are […]

French bulldog

As a senior or retiree, the “empty nest” syndrome can hit you pretty hard. But life doesn’t have to be dull when you can have an affectionate and warm-hearted companion by your side. A companion […]

beagle getting a kiss from older owner


Having a furry friend around can be quite life-changing for seniors. The days spent getting bored, turn into days filled with joy. A dog not only becomes a close companion that showers you with unconditional […]

boston terrier breed portrait

Boston terrier

Are Boston terriers good for seniors? Older people and seniors appreciate Boston terrier dogs because these dogs often don’t bark much or require a lot of exercise. They are also extremely affectionate and fairly easy […]

pug sitting on senior people's laps


Pugs are small and sweet dogs with big expressive eyes and innocent faces that could melt the coldest of hearts. They are the perfect dogs for seniors and retirees who have a lot of time […]

Corgi dog sitting on old man's lap


The Corgi breed is one of the most popular and agreeable dog breeds that’s also loved by seniors. However, it might not be the best option for older people unless you fall in love with […]

Cavalier king charles spaniel

Docile and diminutive, cavalier king charles spaniels are one of the most loved breeds but are they good for seniors? Are cavalier king charles spaniels good for seniors? The Cavalier is a puppy-like spaniel popular […]


Chihuahuas may be small in size but they have a tremendous amount of love to offer. Their quirky personality and lively nature mean you always have something to look forward to with them around. Are […]