Corgi puppy after spay incision wearing a cone
Pictures of Common Conditions in Dogs

Spay Incision Infections in Dogs [w/ Pictures & Vet Info]

Infections of spay incisions are uncommon after clean surgical procedures but still occur with some frequency. In this article, we will review pictures of healthy spay incisions and pictures of spay incisions that have become […]

veterinarian inspecting dog with skin issues
Dog skin issues

Histiocytomas in Dogs: Pictures & What to Do

A histiocytoma is a benign (non-cancerous) growth found on the skin of young dogs. These growths form when a type of immune cell in your dog’s skin over-replicates. The over-replication causes tissue build-up and inflammation […]

Dog Health

What Neutered Dogs Look Like [with Pictures]

Neutering, aka castration, is a surgical procedure where the reproductive glands (testes) are removed surgically from a male dog. This process is performed to prevent dogs from being able to reproduce or display unwanted sexual […]