French bulldog

Score for Seniors: 93%
Activity Level: Short daily walks ok
Weight: 20-28 Pounds

As a senior or retiree, the “empty nest” syndrome can hit you pretty hard. But life doesn’t have to be dull when you can have an affectionate and warm-hearted companion by your side. A companion with unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. A companion like a French Bulldog that doesn’t ask for much but has a lot of love to give.

Are French bulldogs good for seniors?

French bulldogs make amazing companions for seniors and retirees. Here’s why:

french bulldog in grass

French bulldogs are friendly

Frenchies are among the friendliest dog breeds and that’s what seniors look for in a dog. They are amicable with other animals and you’ll also never have to worry about your Frenchie going rouge when the grandkids visit. Despite the somewhat sad expression on their face, they are incredibly entertaining and likely to make you laugh with their silly antics.

French bulldogs are low-maintenance

For a senior, one of the many benefits of owning a French Bulldog is the little grooming they need. Since they have a short coat, once a week brushing works well to keep the coat clean, glossy, and pleasant-smelling. You also won’t have to bathe your Frenchie too often. Once a month or every six weeks would suffice. While they are fairly low-maintenance in terms of grooming, dirt may collect in between the wrinkles around their face causing bacterial growth and irritation if not removed. Every once in a while, do clean the wrinkles with a damp cloth.

French bulldogs also don’t require you to take them for long walks. Their small stature and flat faces are not quite suitable for extensive exercise and they might even struggle with breathing if overworked. So, seniors with limited mobility or a slower lifestyle can be at ease because a short 10-15 minute walk is all they need.

French bulldogs are not big barkers

French bulldogs might bark to alert you of the visitors but other than that they are not big barkers. Their little vocalization makes them perfect dogs for small senior housing and apartments.

French bulldogs adapt to apartment life

French bulldogs are couch potatoes. Seniors mostly prefer dogs that are happy to lounge with them indoors and easily adapt to living in a small apartment. French Bulldogs are great candidates for that. They are small dogs and don’t need a lot of space.

What are the downsides for seniors?

Snoring and drooling

French bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed meaning they have a flat muzzle and shortened snouts. This makes them prone to loud snoring and snorting a lot more than other breeds. Some grunting and wheezing might also be involved. Frenchies also tend to snort even when awake so if that’s something that would bother you, a French Bulldog is not for you.

In addition, their loose lips also make them drool especially after they have eaten or drank water. Expect wet spots on your clothes and couch when all you wanted were cuddles.


French bulldogs also suffer from gassiness. These short-faced dogs gulp in the air while eating which collects in the stomach causing them to fart (and it stinks a lot). But you can manage this problem with a homemade diet that’s easier to digest.

Other than these two tiny issues, French bulldogs are THE perfect dogs for seniors.

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