Score for Seniors: 83%
Activity Level: Short daily walks ok
Weight: 4-6 Pounds

Chihuahuas may be small in size but they have a tremendous amount of love to offer. Their quirky personality and lively nature mean you always have something to look forward to with them around.

Are Chihuahuas Good For Older People?

If you are a senior wondering about getting a chi, go ahead and bring that small bundle of big joy home. They are fun, energetic, and sometimes eccentric but nothing that you can’t easily handle. If anything, you will always end up being entertained by their comical antics. 

Chihuahuas are loving, loyal, and live for cuddles. So, if you are a cuddler, you are in luck because your chi will climb in your lap any chance he gets for a warm cuddling session. Let’s look at why chihuahuas are great dogs for old people.

Chihuahuas are low maintenance

A short-haired chihuahua doesn’t require a lot of grooming. You will only need to brush him once a week with a soft bristle brush which is also perfect to make his coat look smooth and shiny. Long-haired chihuahuas, however, need to be brushed at least three times a week with a slicker or a pin brush to remove loose fur, stubborn knots, and tangles from your pup’s body. Doesn’t sound like a lot of hassle, right?

When it comes to bathing, your chi only needs to be bathed once a month. Cue the sigh of relief because that means you won’t have to deal with potential ‘zoomies’ often. Chihuahuas have sensitive skin and too much washing can strip it off the natural oils leading to dryness. Depending on his lifestyle and activity level, you can get away even more than 6 weeks between baths. 

Being as small as they are, chihuahuas don’t need a lot of exercise either. Running around the house or a short walk around the block is enough. So, if you are not a fan of long walks, this little champ is perfect for you. 

Chihuahuas are comfortable with apartment living

Bigger dogs are high-energy dogs. They need a large space to run, play, and relieve their pent up energy. Chihuahuas, however, don’t need the whole yard. They are perfectly happy with a small space. Most of the time, following their owners around fulfils their exercise needs and you don’t even have to go outside for walks. So if you are living in an apartment or a retirement community, a chihuahua will be a great choice.

What are the downsides for seniors?

Chihuahuas can be quite territorial and protective. They may start to bark fiercely around strangers. So, it’s very important to train them as puppies and get them used to have people around other than yourself. You don’t have to worry too much about the training though. Chihuahuas are smart dogs. They learn fast and train easily for obedience.

Did we mention chihuahuas also have a long lifespan and some even reach up to 20 years of age? That means your chi will be the light of your life and a loved companion for a long, long time. 

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