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Help! My Dog Hasn’t Eaten in 2 or 3 Days

Normally, your dog has a big appetite. But now, your dog hasn’t eaten for a while. During mealtimes, they lick their bowl clean. But lately you have noticed the kibble goes untouched. Even the yummy […]

Dog Health

Dogs and Phenobarbital: Is your pet whining?

Dogs and Phenobarbital may seem like an odd combination, but more and more, vets are prescribing the drug to help their furry patients with seizures. The drug’s side effects can be scary at times, but […]

dog coughing
Dog Health

Help: My Dog is Coughing in the Morning

As a veterinarian, one thing that I see often is dogs that are coughing. The time of day that your dog is coughing and the frequency and help determine what is going on. Some dogs […]