vet inspecting a dog's eye
Dog Health

Dog Has Dilated Pupils: What To Do

A dog’s pupils dilate, or enlarge, and constrict, or get smaller, multiple times per day. It’s a normal, natural thing that happens depending on the amount of light or in response to something, such as […]

Dog Health

What Neutered Dogs Look Like [with Pictures]

Neutering, aka castration, is a surgical procedure where the reproductive glands (testes) are removed surgically from a male dog. This process is performed to prevent dogs from being able to reproduce or display unwanted sexual […]

Dog Health

Your Dog Ate a Tampon? Act Fast: Our Vet Explains

Even under the most watchful owner’s eye, dogs can sometimes get themselves into trouble by eating objects that they aren’t supposed to ingest. Occasionally, the foreign object that’s ingested is harmless and will pass right […]