young dog whining in the arms of a veterinarian
Dog Behavior & Training

9 Weird Noises Dogs Make & What They Mean

From barking, howling and whining to snoring, snorting and sneezing, our dogs can make an impressive variety of noises. But what do they mean? Most of these sounds are completely normal – if sometimes a little […]

Dog barking
Dog Behavior & Training

Old Dog Barking A Lot? Our Dog Experts Share How to Help

Key Highlights: – Excess barking is common in senior dogs. – Possible causes include cognitive dysfunction, incontinence, pain, anxiety, frustration, and decline in vision or hearing. – It’s important to see your vet if your […]

female dog in heat with male dog at the park
Dog Behavior & Training

Behaviors of Dogs in Heat: What it Looks Like

While it may be a completely natural behavior for any intact female dog, a dog in heat may be confusing for any dog parent. You’re bound to see some behavioral as well as physical changes […]