Behavior & Training

Puppies And Older Dogs – Can It Work?

Mixing puppies and older dogs can be like creating the perfect PB&J… or it can be more like trying to blend oil and water! Are you planning on introducing a new puppy, or another adult […]

Behavior & Training

Treating Arthritis In Senior Dogs

When it comes to treating arthritis in senior dogs, giving anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers are often the first things that come to mind. But arthritis relief for dogs comes in many different forms, and there […]

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Behavior & Training

How Old Is My Dog?

Wondering ‘Exactly how old IS my dog?’ isn’t unusual for the owners of canine seniors. As this site is all about caring for older dogs, I thought it would be a good idea to add […]

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Behavior & Training

Exercising Older Dogs

Exercising older dogs is an important part of their daily care, but it can be difficult to know how much is enough – or too much As dog’s age they naturally become less active and […]

Behavior & Training

Crate Training An Older Dog

Crate training an older dog follows the same general ‘rules’ as it does with puppies – and thanks to Fido’s natural den instincts it comes naturally to most dogs. There’s also the added benefit that […]

Behavior & Training

A Guide To Training Older Dogs

Training older dogs is more time-consuming, and often more challenging, than training a puppy – but it’s definitely do-able! The old adage that says ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is most definitely […]