Score for Seniors: 65%
Activity Level: Long daily walks
Weight: 20-25 Pounds

beagle getting a kiss from older owner

Having a furry friend around can be quite life-changing for seniors. The days spent getting bored, turn into days filled with joy. A dog not only becomes a close companion that showers you with unconditional love but he also helps a senior citizen develop a healthy routine. Older people are also prone to losing a sense of purpose but dogs give them that and so much more. If you are a senior citizen considering getting a beagle, here’s what you need to know.

Are Beagles good for seniors?

Beagles make excellent companions

Dog owners love beagles because of their personality: beagles are very affectionate, social and loyal, making them a great fit for seniors who are looking for a friendly companion. Beagles were also originally bred to hunt in packs which is partly why they enjoy companionship so much. They love company and will enjoy staying at home with retirees who are not likely to leave their dogs at home alone for long periods.

Beagles are great with kids

Beagles are soft-tempered and sweet-natured. They are great with kids so a senior would never have to worry about having them around their grandkids. Thanks to their playful and adventurous attitude they would soon be busy entertaining your grandkids and wagging their tails to greet them every time.

Beagles are low-maintenance

Another good news for seniors is that beagles don’t need extensive grooming. They have a short coat which means you don’t have to spend hours detangling like you would on a poodle. Brush them once a week, bathe them every two months, and you should be fine.

What are the downsides for seniors?

Beagles are big diggers

Beagles love playing in the dirt and digging holes. If you leave them in the backyard alone, you might come back to witness a large hole in the ground. Not a pretty sight for seniors who may not have the energy to fill it back up. Things get worse when they have already rolled around in the dirt. Now you would have to give them a bath too.

However, you can still train them to stop digging when told with using positive reinforcement.

Beagles are excessive barkers

Beagles communicate by barking. They will bark if they are hungry. They will bark when they want to go out and they will bark even when they are bored. It’s almost like they are fans of their own voice and need little excuse to hear it again. However, you can certainly train them not to launch into a barking session so they never become an inconvenience to your neighbors.

Beagles need a lot of exercise

Beagles are naturally active and high-energy dogs. If they are not provided with an hour-long walk or other physical activities, they might start showing bad behaviors at home. It is important to take your beagle out for a walk regularly to let him relieve that pent up energy.

This means that despite their loving companionships, beagles are not for all seniors. They will be a good fit for seniors with large gardens or backyards but most importantly for seniors that are active and will take their dogs out on walks for at least 1 or 2 hours every day.

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