close up showing white spots on a dog's nose
Dog skin issues

5 Causes of White Spots on a Dog’s Nose

Your dog’s skin is an everchanging organ. It grows, regenerates and even changes color. One of those color changes that you may see are white spots on your dog’s nose. Whether these white spots are […]

dog with hives
Dog skin issues

Pictures of Dogs With Hives [5 Examples]

One day in my clinic, an owner called me because her dog had red, itchy bumps on his face. After asking questions about the dog’s recent activities and if there were other signs, I concluded […]

veterinarian doing a physical exam of a pembroke welsh corgi
Dog skin issues

Treating Dog Hives at Home: 5 Steps From Our Vet

Dog hives definitely carry a certain wow factor in their appearance and sudden onset, even for seasoned veterinarians. Dog owners may be wowed and even a little scared about seeing hives in their dogs. Fortunately, […]