dog looking at human hair and licking his lips
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Dog Eating Hair: Is it Bad? Here’s What to Do

Some dogs are what we call ‘indiscriminate eaters’ meaning they put anything and everything into their mouth whether it really resembles food or not. It’s a pretty common complaint of dog parents, especially those of […]

Concept photo showing a dog owner giving supplements to a golden retriever
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Home Remedies for Dog UTI: What Works [Vet Advice]

A urinary tract infection (UTI) doesn’t often go unnoticed. From accidents in the house, to constant requests from your pup to go potty, and sometimes even abnormal looking urine, your dog’s body will start communicating […]

Dog looking sad
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Dog Penis Infections: Causes, Signs, Treatments

Thankfully, infections involving the penis are quite uncommon in dogs. However, when they do occur they can cause your pooch quite a lot of discomfort and it’s important we address the issue promptly. Oftentimes, an […]