dog with bowl of food
Health Issues

How to Feed a Dog with Vestibular Disease

If your dog suffers from vestibular disease, you’ll know how much they can struggle to eat. Many dogs with vestibular syndrome will tilt their head, stumble, circle and even collapse to the floor. This is […]

Health Issues

Old Dog Incontinence

Old dog incontinence is more common in spayed females, but leaky plumbing can affect dogs of both sexes. It also has lots of different causes, treatment & management options. For example, your old dog might […]

Health Issues

Best Diabetic Dog Treats in 2021

So, your dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and your vet has recommended that they need to go onto a special diabetic dog food diet. But the thought of keeping your poor pooch on […]

dog licking his lips
Diet & Nutrition

9 Tips to Get Your Old Dog To Eat More

Getting older dogs to eat can often be a challenge as there are multiple reasons for our golden oldies to decide that they’re just not that hungry anymore. A gradual decrease in appetite which isn’t […]

Health Issues

Pain Relief For Senior Dogs

Choosing the right dog pain relief is an important part of helping your pet heal and feel better. Pain can be the result of a number of different conditions, and it’s important to know how […]