Score for Seniors: 64%
Activity Level: Long daily walks
Weight: 22-31 Pounds

Corgi dog sitting on old man's lap

The Corgi breed is one of the most popular and agreeable dog breeds that’s also loved by seniors. However, it might not be the best option for older people unless you fall in love with this spirited breed (we don’t blame you). After all, even the Queen of England has owned several Corgi for the last few decades (see the Royal Corgis Wikipedia page).

Why are Corgis not always the best option for older people or retirees?

Corgis are energetic dogs that require a lot of exercise. Some seniors may not be in a position to take their corgi to the dog park or walk them around the block daily. Corgis also tend to bark a lot which could cause issues for seniors living in apartments or senior housing communities. On the positive side, they can be excellent watch dogs.

If barking is a concern but you really want a corgi, you should look into different types of Corgis as some are less likely to be big barkers. Additionally, Corgis also tend to do well with training and can be taught not to bark with the proper training.

Despite the excessive barking issue, Corgis have plenty of positive factors going for them: Corgis are very loving, easy to train, and will be happy living in a smaller home or apartment as long as they get regular daily exercise. Corgis should get medium to long walks every day to meet their exercise needs.

They are also relatively easy to groom which is not always the case with smaller breeds.

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