big white dog playing with little chihuahua

Have you seen one of these majestic big white dogs at a local park? Often, people tend to stay away from big/large white dog breeds because of their huge size and upkeep due to the size of their coats. The truth is, most of these big white dogs are loyal and friendly, in addition to having stunning fluffy white coats that are sure to get noticed. In this article, we will review a list of larger white dogs who typically weigh over 30 pounds, and up to 195 pounds!

Most Popular Big White Dog Breeds

1. Extra Big – Up to 195 Pounds

We have listed below popular white dog breeds that can reach 100 to 195 pounds:

Central Asian Shepherd

Weight: 90-170 pounds. Key traits: independent, self-confident, devoted, intelligent

Is this a polar bear or a dog? It is a dog: the Central Asian Shepherd looks like a polar bear – and can grow to almost 170 pounds! It is a breed of guardian dogs that needs lots of companionship and exercise to be happy. His thick coat is usually pure white with dark points. This breed has a lot of love to give in return for companionship and exercise.

Maremma Sheepdog

Weight: 70-195 pounds. Key traits: brave, reliable

This big white dog may be intimidating at first because of its stature and big size (often over 100 pounds). But, don’t let his cold expression fool you. He is a very friendly breed that is very attached to the people he knows.

Two white Maremma Sheepdog

Tatra Shepherd Dogs

Weight: 80 to 130 pounds

The Tatra dog’s double-coat is pure white with no other color marking, making it one of the most attractive large white dog breeds. Originally from Poland, and just like several of its’ easter-European or Russian counterparts, Tatra dogs were used as shepherd dogs to protect livestock from predators. They can make excellent watch dogs due to their instincts and large size (they can reach up to 130 pounds).

two tatra shepherd dogs running in the snow

Great Pyrenees

Weight: 80-120 pounds. Key traits: friendly, patient, devoted to family.

A large dog with a long white coat, the Great Pyrenees was developed in France’s mountainous regions as a livestock guardian and watchdog. He is calm and very good with children, but like any dog, young ones should always be supervised when around. His white coat is very fluffy and needs to be brushed often.

white great pyrenee dog with puppy


Weight: 90-115 pounds. Key traits: gentle, devoted

The Kuvasz is a large white dog breed that has been used for centuries as a royal guard dog. If you want to be protected by a bulky white dog, the Kuvasz is the one for you. Their white coat makes them stand out, but they can be gentle and loving.

Kuvasz big white dog sitting on the grass outdoors

Dogo Argentino

Weight: 90-120 pounds. Key traits: friendly, loyal, strong-willed, territorial

The Dogo Argentino is a highly intelligent dog who can be aggressive towards other animals unless properly trained. He’s fine with older children (over age seven), but not with infants or toddlers (due to his size and exuberance). Because they tend to be territorial, they can also be excellent protectors for your family.


Weight: 80-100 pounds. Key traits: calm,

Komondor dog’s white coats are sure to draw a lot of attention. Just like Puli dogs, they can easily be nicknamed as “mop dogs”. However, it’s not because they look like a giant mop that they are simply happy staying at home. Much the contractor: their white coats hide strong muscles. They are fast and need a lot of exercise and running. They are also very large and powerful – sometimes reaching a hundred pounds.

Russian Shepherd Dog, also known as Ukrainian / Russian Sheepdog

Weight: 70 to 110 pounds.

The Russian Shepherd dog (Wikipedia link) is not a breed listed on the American Kennel Club, but they remain popular, particularly in Europe. They are believed to be descendants of shepherd dogs used in Russia and Ukraine. Zoologist Sabaneyev even described them as “Russian Wolf Killers – they were originally used to protect livestock and cattles from predators including wolves.

south russian sheepdog

Slovensky Cuvac / Slovakian Chuvach

Weight: 70-100 pounds. Key traits: eager to please, affectionate, devoted

The Slovensky Cuvac is a watchful and protective dog with an intimidating face (but friendly personality).


Weight: 80-110 pounds. Character traits: intelligent, strong-willed

Another dog native to Japan, the Akita is a breed of companion dog who enjoys playing with children and other dogs. He can have a variety of colors in his coat, including pure white.

Old English Sheepdog

Weight: 60-100 pounds. Key traits : affectionate, intelligent

The Old English Sheepdog is a breed of herding dog who needs plenty of exercise and usually requires a large play area. His pure white coats are striking in appearance. However, his thick coats can be a challenge to groom.

White American Bulldog

Weight: 60-100 pounds. Key traits: active, friendly, intelligent, protective

The American Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed who enjoys spending time with children and other dogs. This breed needs plenty of exercise and loves to play. His coat is usually white, brindle, or a combination of both.


Weight: 55-100 pounds. Key traits: agreeable, calm (but fast!)

Despite an impressive stature and clocking a max speed of 40 miles per hour, Borzoi dogs are actually known for their calm temperaments. They are equipped with a white silky coat and a look that resembles Greyhounds.

2. Large White Dog Breeds (Up to 60-90 Pounds)


Weight: 35-65 pounds. Key traits: friendly, affectionate, and social

The Samoyed is a wonderful pet dog breed because it is kind, loyal, and loving. It’s regarded as one of the most enthusiastic dogs when it comes to expressing love for people. It won’t say no to a cuddle! And, with this big white fluff ball, how could you refuse a cuddle? The Samoyed white dog breed is synonymous with the words “friendly” and “huggable.”

White Husky

Weight: 35-60 pounds. Key traits: active, devoted

The Siberian Husky is a great family friend who must get plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. His fur comes in a variety of colors, including black and white and pure white.

White Swiss Shepherd

Weight: 55-90 pounds

Have you heard of White German Shepherds? Breeders located in or near Switzerland started to breed white GSD with the intention of creating a new breed altogether, called “White Swiss Shepherd” (WSD). The WSD is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club as of our publication date, but it is recognized by the International Kennel Club.

white swiss shepherd

White Golden Retrievers / Labrador Retrievers

Weight: 65-75 pounds. Key traits: friendly, intelligent, affectionate, and vivacious

White golden retrievers or labrador retrievers are fairly rare – people typically think about beige, brown, or black versions. However, you will occasionally also see white-coated retrievers (white or off-white). This dog breed is known for its friendliness and loyalty.

White Bull Terrier

Weight: 50-85 pounds. Key traits: friendly, fearless, playful

The Bull Terrier is a loyal and protective dog who makes an excellent family companion, but sometimes needs early socialization to avoid aggressiveness.


Weight: up to 70 pounds. Key traits: friendly, intelligent, easygoing

Poodles come in three sizes–Toy, Miniature and Standard (the one shown here), and can be white or multicolored. This breed is people-oriented and loves playing with children and other dogs.

Yakutian Laika

Weight: 50-66 pounds. Key traits : friendly, active, devoted

The Yakutian Laika is an excellent hunting dog who needs lots of exercise to stay healthy and happy. He’s good with other dogs and family members, but should be supervised around strangers. His coat can be pure white, golden-white, or white and black.

yakutian laika in outdoor setting


Weight: 44-66 pounds. Key traits: affectionate, devoted

The Hokkaido is a compact and sturdy dog who needs lots of exercise. He’s playful and smart, but can be difficult to housebreak. Hokkaido’s coats can be orange, brown-white, or mostly white.

Kishu Ken

Weight: 30-60 pounds. Key traits : friendly, loyal, playful.

The Kishu Ken is a breed of hunting dog who requires lots of exercise and loves to play. This breed is not well-known outside of Japan, but their white coats are eye-catching. Certainly a breed to consider if you are looking for a white dog breed.

Clumber Spaniel

Weight: 55-85 pounds. Key traits: calm, outdoorsy

Clumber Spaniel dogs can shed a lot, and drool a lot. If you are ok with that, they are very easy going and friendly dogs, and love the outdoors. They love to play fetch, run in the fields, and swim. Their thick coats are primary white, with hints of brown or orange mostly on their ears or faces.

clumber spaniel white dog in grass


Weight: 65-95 pounds

Rajapalayam dogs are very large, measuring about 25-30 inches and weighing around 65-95 pounds. It is a white dog breed originating from India (Rajapalayam is a town in India).

Chow Chow

Weight: 45-70 pounds

Chow Chow dogs come in multiple colors, including white or offwhite. Don’t let their cute fluffy apperance fool – they are a medium to large white dog breed – with males reaching up to 70 pounds.

3. Medium to Large White Dog Breeds (20-60 Pounds)

Let’s look now at the best white dog breeds that weight less than 60 pounds:

Canaan Dog (White)

Weight: 45-55 pounds. Key traits: brave, loyal, intelligent.

The Canaan dog is an ancient breed of working dog who enjoys spending time outdoors. His coat is usually black and white, but can also be brown or pure white.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Weight: 40 to 70 pounds. Key traits: Smart, confident

Staffordshire Terriers are smart and very loyal. Their thin coat showcases a large muscular body, with pronounced jaws and cheekbones. Staffordshire Terrier comes in several colors – including white. They are part of a series of breeds that used to be bred for fighting. Rest assured that the modern version is more chilled, and makes for a great loyal companion.

White Goldendoodles

Weight: 40-51 pounds. Key traits: Intelligent, easy to train, playful.

White Goldendoodles are a friendly and fluffy cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Known for their hypoallergenic coats and sociable nature, these dogs are great family pets, blending intelligence with a playful spirit.

big white goldendoodle in a snowy forest

White Bulldogs

Weight: 40-50 pounds. Key traits: friendly, affectionate, patient

Bulldogs are known for their large, beautiful eyes and big jowls. They are also good with children if raised together. Bulldogs are great family pets because of their love for human company and affectionate natures.

Puli (White or Black)

Weight: 22-33 pounds. Key traits: dreadlocks!

The Puli is a unique dog breed that will undoubtedly draw attention. Their white coats are composed of dreadlocks, and it’s easy to see why they’re called the “mop dogs.” The short-haired Puli is an energetic breed that likes being around people. The majority of these dogs are white or black in color.

Finish Lapphund

Weight: 30-55 pounds, Key traits: friendly and calm

Finish Lapphunds comes in multiple colors, from light brown to black, mostly in a mix of white. However, some Finish Lapphund dogs will also be pure white or off-white, as pictured below. AKC describes these dogs as being “among the friendliest of all dogs” (Source). Their rich coats are coupled with a cute and (very) fluffy curvy tail.

Source: Apdevries

American Eskimo

Weight: 25-35 pounds. Key traits: affectionate, playful, alert

The American Eskimo is a breed of companion dog who enjoys playing with children and other dogs. His pure white coats are striking in appearance and considered a major attribute of the breed.The American Eskimo dog is a great family friend that loves lots of physical and mental activities. It’s fun-loving, affectionate, and perky. The American Eskimo also has a thick white coat with black, brown or gray tips at the end of its hair.


Weight: 12-24 pounds. Key traits: lively, intelligent

The Cockapoo is an eager-to-please, friendly, and playful dog who loves being in the middle of family activities. His coat can be white or white with a mix of other color such as black or brown.

Japanese Spitz

Weight: 11-20 pounds. Key traits: cheerful, active

The Japanese Spitz is a small dog who needs plenty of exercise and loves to play. If you love the look of cute fluffy white dogs, you will love the Japanese Spitz! Here is an adorable puggy picture of a Japanese Spitz:

And the adult version looks just as cute:

4. Other Large White (With Colors) Dog Breeds

Basset Griffon Vendeen

Weight: 40-55 pounds. Key traits: friendly, affectionate

The Basset Griffon Vendeen is a scent hound who makes a lively and loving family companion. He’s good with children, but can be timid when teased.

Brittany Spaniel

French Spaniel

Border Collie Sheepdog

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

Australian Shepherds

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