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by Shannon
(Ontario Canada )



Hi, my family has just adopted a senior lab named Sasha. We think she is 8 or 9.

We have 3 kids 11 and twin 6 yr olds. This is our first family dog.

She has only been here for two short days and seems to be settling in amazingly 😊

Congratulations! Sasha looks like a sweetheart and I’m sure she is going to be an amazing companion for your children. Good luck to you all ~ Sue


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  1. Only the best of the best adopt a senior! Thank you for being one and congrats on Sasha who will bring you more love than imaginable!

    Treasurer, Labrador Rescuers of San Diego

  2. I adopted my lab mix when he was 6. I was working full time doing home health- and went home every few hours.THEN___ I had a stroke- and inhaled my dinner -was dying -and he jumped on my chest and I cleared. Then for three years he assisted me by pulling my wheel chair. He has gotten me out of a bathtub- and when I would fall he comes along side and gets me up.

    Please celebrate the wonderful animal God has given you! You made a great choice!

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