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Best Senior Dog Toys

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The best senior dog toys are designed to meet the special needs of older dogs, while still providing the fun your pooch expects (and deserves).

Because many old dogs have reduced senses in terms of sight, hearing, and even smell it’s a good idea to look for dog toys that are:

  • Brightly colored
  • Scented
  • Noisy (squeakers, crinkly fabrice, whistling etc.)
  • Flavored

For older dogs with fewer, or more brittle, teeth and/or sensitive gums, soft toys are always a hit.

There are also rubber toys that have been manufactured specifically for older dogs which use softer, more pliable rubber to be gentle on senior dogs mouths.

And don’t forget that senior dogs can still benefit from interactive toys that challenge them just a little to help keep their brains active.

Senior Dog Toys I Love….

This page features the best in chewy, squishy, squeaky, challenging, cuddly, tasty dog toys that will be perfect for old dogs of every size and breed.

I hope that the guidelines and suggestions below will help you find the perfect toy for your golden oldie.

These are just a sample of the great options available for you to choose from, and as long as you bear in mind the things that make a toy suitable for a senior dog you’ll find that the possibilities are enormous.

Chew Toys for Senior Dogs

Some older dogs aren’t interested in chewing for fun, but many are.

Chewing is a natural canine stress-reliever, so encouraging anxious dogs to enjoy chomping down on a safe toy can be helpful.

Chewing also helps keep teeth clean and jaws exercised.

The legendary KONG range now features a Senior Kong designed specifically for our older dogs.

Made from a slightly softer rubber which still lives up to the durability which Kong is so famous for.

Add some tasty treats or filling and it’ll keep your golden oldie happy and busy.

Currently there are no images available to show you the following three Planet Dog toys which are great for senior dogs.

You can click on the links and they’ll take you to amazon where you can see them, and read about them…

Planet Dog Old Soul Orbee-Tuff Ball – These balls were specifically designed to meet the challenges of senior dogs  such as weaker jaws, dental problems, reduced vision and more.

Soft but chewy, extra-minty and high contrast colors, especially for our golden oldies. These are USA made, non toxic, recyclable and bouncy.

WATCH: 3 Important Tips To Care For an Old Dog [VET VIDEO]

Planet Dog Old Soul Orbee-Tuff Bone – This bone is made from the same material, and with the same super-minty taste, as the Old Soul ball.. plus it makes a satisfying clicking sound when your dog bites down on it.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Whistle Ball – Does your senior dog love to chase down a ball but has trouble seeing where it landed? This whistle ball has the answer to this problem. Glows in the dark, has a minty scent and makes a whirring/whistle when thrown.

Best Ball Toys for Senior Dogs

Sticking with the ball category, here are three more toys that ball-loving dogs will enjoy.

Ethical Pets Sensory Ball 
Nobbly Wobbly Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Dog

Soft Dog Toys for Senior Dogs

Every dog I’ve ever met (regardless of age, breed or size) has LOVED soft, stuffed toys.

The downside of these is that power-chewers, large breeds, terriers, as well as pretty much any determined pooch, can destroy them fairly quickly.

This is where older dogs sometimes win because their teeth, gums and jaws are not as strong as they used to be… plus their urge to chew things up is much less than with a puppy or an adolescent or younger adult dog.

Choosing a soft toy that makes a noise of some sort is a good bet for older dogs. Some toys below have a whole array of squeakers so that it’s easy for your senior dog to find one with his mouth.

Disclaimer: This website's content is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always consult with your local veterinarian for health decisions. Learn more.

There’s even one which has a ‘silent’ squeak which is only audible to dogs (the yellow starfish) – and they seem to love it.

Even seniors like to wrestle a bit with some toys, so choosing one that is floppy or has long skinny limbs that can be thrown around can be popular too.

From soft and squishy, to stuffingless, to crinkly… these stuffed toys will be a hit with your golden oldie.

Skinneeez Crinklers Bird

Invincibles Stuffingless Snake

Hear Doggy Yellow Starfish

Swingin Slevin, Oversized Toy

6-Squeaker Plush Hedgehog 


Outward Hound Multi-Squeaker Toy 


Tasty Treat Toys for Older Dogs

Although your older dog’s sense of smell and taste may not be as robust as it once was, he still enjoys the flavor of a well-chosen treat!

Give your oldie some stimulation with the Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat toy featured below, or let him exercise his jaws and enjoy the Everlasting Treat Ball or the delicious (to dogs!) Yak milk chews.

The Yak Chewz are safer than rawhide, and a great alternative to natural bones or antlers which can be too harsh for a senior dog’s teeth.

Twist ‘n Treat Dog Toy

Everlasting Treat Ball

Himalayan Yak Dog Chew 

Hopefully the senior dog toys on this page have given you some ideas for items you’d like to share with your senior dog.

Playtime is an essential part of any dog’s day, and getting older doesn’t change that.

You may need to change the intensity and duration of play, but keeping your golden oldie’s body active and his mind engaged is a great way to help him stay healthy both mentally and physically.

You may also like to check out my article on Exercising Older Dogs.

It covers everything from the humble daily walk to physical therapy and everything in between, plus links to equipment which can make getting around easier for senior dogs.

Have fun and good luck to you both.


  • Dr. Winnie earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Duke University, a Masters of Science in Biology from St Georges University, and graduated from the University of Pretoria Veterinary School in South Africa. She is a full-time Veterinarian in South Africa specializing in internal medicine for large breed dogs.

Disclaimer: This website's content is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action. Read More.

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