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Originated from: A purebred Rottweiler dog and a Pitbull-type dog, nicknamed the Pitweiler Height: Female: 17-20 in.; Male: 18-25 in. Weight: Female: 40-100 lbs.; Male: 40-100 lbs. Energy Level: Bred to work Life Expectancy: 12-15 […]


Beautiful Old Dog Quotes

Spend a few minutes with these old dog quotes and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Our senior companions have their very own special blend of charms, and I’ve done my best to […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Amanda Jenkins (Norfolk Uk) Dear Izzy is 14 1/2 and a wonderful stubborn toy obsessed jaƧk Russell /Lakeland.. She has been a fantastic companion but lately is feeling her years. Rather deaf and failing […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Karen (Palm Springs, CA) Our boy , “Chan” is a almost 12 year old German Shepherd mix. He can into our lives when my sister and I were running a no kill dog sanctuary […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Mary Baldwin (Winfield Mo) Dundee is a 14 y.o. Australian Shepherd. He is a red merle.

Golden Oldie Gallery

Cole and Auggie

by Randa (Fredericksburg, VA) Cole is the handsome white boy; Auggie is the tan gentle giant Hi! I proudly present Cole, age 8, Auggie, age 12-ish.