old dog coughing hard
Dog Illnesses

My Old Dog is Wheezing During the Day or At Night

You may have noticed that your old dog started wheezing. Many owners in particular report that wheezing can occur frequently at night. Wheezing is a high-pitched, coarse whistling sound that occurs when your old dog breathe. […]

Health Issues

Old Dog Seizures: Why They Happen & What To Do

A variety of medical conditions can cause older dogs to experience sudden seizures seemingly out of the blue. These conditions can range from relatively harmless to life-threatening. It’s also improtant to keep in mind that […]

Health Issues

How To Keep Weight on an Older Dog

It can be difficult to keep weight on an older dog for several reasons, including poor appetite, poor digestive function, loss of muscle mass, slowing metabolism and more. However, Illness/disease can cause sudden, significant or sustained […]