Toy poodle

Score for Seniors: 81%
Activity Level: Medium daily walks
Weight: 6-9 Pounds

toy poodle playing with ball in the snow

Are toy poodles good for seniors? 

Toy poodles are great dogs for seniors. Especially, if friendly, well-mannered, and easy-to-train are the qualities you are looking for. 

Toy poodles are friendly and intelligent

The toy poodle is among the friendliest and most intelligent dog breeds. They are quite social by nature and happy to be around people. Seniors often appreciate when a pet easily develops a close bond with them and chases them around all day.

Toy poodles are also clever and pay attention to their owners. They understand what you want and how you want it so training is not an issue. They learn patterns and fall into routines which is ideal for seniors since your routine is less likely to change frequently. 

Toy poodles can adapt to apartment living

Toy poodles are smaller than miniature poodles. Because of their smaller size, toy and mini aussie poodles can easily adapt to apartment life. They will be happy sitting by you as long as you don’t keep them cooped up in the apartment all day. They do need their daily fill of mental and physical exercise.

What are the downsides for seniors? 

Toy poodles are high maintenance 

While the toy poodle is low-shedding with a hypoallergenic coat, this breed does need a lot of grooming to stay happy, healthy, and beautiful. You will need to brush your poodle’s coat daily with a slicker brush which works wonderfully to remove tangles and knots. Brushing him also ensures good blood circulation and the healthy distribution of natural oils for healthy skin. 

You would also have to get your poodle professionally groomed every 3 to 6 weeks unless you learn to do it yourself.

Toy poodles need a lot of exercising

Toy poodles are among the most active dogs. They need their daily dose of exercise to burn off their high energy. Daily walks and visits to the park might not be your favorite thing. 

Despite this one slightly challenging situation, the toy poodle is the perfect companion for seniors. Your walks don’t have to be so long. A 15-20 minute walk is good enough to keep your peaceful pup happy.

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