dog laying on floor during seizure
Dog Seizures

Can Seizures Kill Dogs? Dr. Guise Explains

Many dogs that have seizures enjoy long, normal lives with nominal side effects, but not always. In some cases, seizures may cause brain damage, affect other body organs, or result in death. The chances of […]

Dog Seizures

Causes and Signs of Psychomotor Seizures in Dogs

A colleague of mine recently shared an intriguing case with me. The owners were concerned because their dog exhibited repeated behavior that was odd. Occasionally, the pup would stand up and stare at the ceiling […]

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Dog Seizures

9 Dog Breeds More Prone To Seizures [Vet Advice]

Seizures in dogs are caused by an uncontrolled burst of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It affects the brain’s cognitive functions and leads to changes in behavior that include convulsions, twitching, falling over, and […]

dog eating from bowl
Dog Seizures

Can Food Cause Seizures in Dogs? A Vet Explains

Seizures happen when normal brain functions are disrupted. We often don’t know what causes a dog to have abnormal activity, but sometimes there may be links between seizures and diet.  For example,   A 2012 case […]