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Green Dog Urine: What Does it Mean & What Should I do?

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Why Your Dog’s Urine May Be Green

Dog urine is a product of the kidneys filtering the dog’s blood to remove toxins and other substances. Green dog urine is typically a result of excess bilirubin in the blood being filtered out by the kidneys, into the urine.

What Does Green Dog Urine Look Like – and Is It Always a Concern?

Green-colored dog urine is rare, but if seen, may signal a serious medical condition in your dog. Truly green dog urine is a result of a substance called bilirubin being in very high levels in the blood and then being filtered out by the kidneys. High levels of bilirubin in the blood are a result of either liver and gallbladder disease, or by the destruction of red blood cells by the body’s immune system.  

Dark yellow urine may appear green when voided on carpet or other household surfaces. Dark yellow urine is typically a sign of dehydration, and the urine is more concentrated than normal. However, this is typically a benign condition, and your dog simply needs to drink more.

What Should You Do If Your Dog’s Urine or Pee is Green

If you are concerned because your dog’s urine appears green colored, you should first evaluate how they are feeling overall. If they are vomiting or feeling unwell, you should take them to their veterinarian to be evaluated. If possible, you should take a sample of the urine with you in a clean container. Many owners use soup ladles to catch urine from their pets. If your appointment is not until the next day, refrigerate the sample in a clean container.

If your dog seems to have green-colored urine but feels fine, is eating, and not showing any signs of illness, you should encourage them to drink and hydrate themselves. In addition to offering plenty of fresh water, you can feed them canned or moist food, add water to their kibble, and offer ice cubes as a treat to encourage hydration. Keep an eye on your dog’s urine and see if the increase in water consumption leads to a more normal-colored urine. If not, it is time to see your veterinarian.

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What Does Normal Dog Urine Look Like?

Normal dog urine looks exactly like normal human urine. The urine should be light yellow and clear. Cloudiness, things floating in the urine, red, brown, or green color, and a foul smell are all causes for concern.

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Most Frequent Urine Colors (Dog Urine Color Chart)

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