Miniature Poodle

Score for Seniors: 82%
Activity Level: Medium daily walks
Weight: 10-15 Pounds

miniature poodle

Energetic, athletic, and ridiculously cute, the miniature poodle is one of the most fun dogs to have. But is it the best for old people? 

Are Miniature Poodles Good For Seniors?

The answer is, totally. Here’s why.

Miniature poodles are soft-tempered

The most noteworthy reason for you to have a miniature poodle would be their friendly nature, eager-to-please attitude, and kind demeanor. According to, they score a perfect 5-star for overall friendliness. They are also sensitive to changes. Since you are likely to have a consistent routine, they will be the happiest around you.

Miniature poodles are super smart

If you are not a great trainer, don’t worry. Miniature poodles are super smart and fast learners. You would never have to go back and forth training them because these overachieving dogs are good at picking things up even from observation. Expect good manners and wonderful companionship. 

Miniature poodles don’t shed

For people prone to allergies, a miniature poodle will be a stress-free pet because they shed very minimally. Besides, they have hair and not fur, making their coat hypoallergenic. 

What are the downsides for seniors?

Miniature poodles might not be comfortable with apartment living

Being high-energy dogs, miniature poodles need to run around and burn off their energy. You will need to take frequent trips to the park and long walks around the block to ensure that your poodle has his fill of exercise. You should also expect some one-on-one playtime with your pooch. If that’s not something you see yourself doing, you can also toss toys and play fetch with them indoors to stimulate their mind and body. 

But if you want to make them really happy, walks are what they will enjoy the most. If they end up being confined to apartment living or living in a small home without extra exercise, they may end up spending their energy in more destructive ways.

Miniature poodles are high maintenance

If you don’t want the cuteness of your poodle hiding behind a mess of curls, you will need to groom them frequently. Poodles have a thick coat and it gets thicker as they grow up. This dense coat can get matted or tangled if it’s not brushed almost daily. 

Most poodles need an extensive amount of grooming. Some owners prefer taking them to professional groomers every 3 to 6 weeks. But if you are up for the challenge, you can also learn to groom them yourself. All you need is the right tools to make your pooch look adorable. 

Despite these two things, miniature poodles are great dogs for old people. They are so sweet, you wouldn’t mind having some extra playtime with them.

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