Score for Seniors: 81%
Activity Level: Medium daily walks
Weight: 10-16 Pounds

havanese puppy on grass

Just like their cousin Maltese, Havanese are one of the brightest and happiest of toy breeds. But are they good for seniors? Let’s find out.

Are Havanese good for seniors?

Havanese are playful toy dogs that are easy to handle and friendly with most. They are graceful, poised, and peaceful little furballs that seniors love to have around.

Havanese are people-oriented

Most retirees and seniors either live alone or with family members that are away for work. Havanese are the perfect dogs to drive your loneliness away and fill you up with happiness. Thanks to their naturally playful and people-oriented nature, they love cuddling with their owners and following them around on their tiny little paws. A Havanese would jump on your lap and lay there as long as you want. They can get hugely dependent on you and don’t like to be left alone for long periods. They would want to accompany to everywhere (even to the bathroom).

Havanese are super friendly

Seniors are always more inclined towards dogs that are friendly and make excellent companions. Havanese do a great job at that. They are gentle with other animals and welcoming towards kids. However, it’s important to have them socialize with people at a young age.

Havanese require little exercise

Havanese are great dogs for seniors and older people since they don’t require a lot of exercise. So, if you can’t go out as much for walks, your Havanese will be happy to play fetch indoors. He will even be content spending his energy on retrieving that hidden toy from under the cabinet. However, these little critters do enjoy short 10-15 minutes walks.

Havanese respond well to training

This happy dog responds well to training and learns commands fast because he enjoys pleasing his owner. Include some treat rewards and they will learn tricks too. They are also exceptionally well at agility training, thanks to their intelligence and obedient attitude.

Havanese don’t shed much

Although it’s a long-haired breed, Havanese don’t shed a lot and considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. So, if you are a senior prone to allergies, you will barely have any problems having a Havanese buddy around.

Havanese are comfortable with apartment life

A Havanese enjoys staying on the couch as much as he enjoys going out for playtime. Being a small dog, he is comfortable with living in a small space. He also doesn’t bark a lot and unlikely to cause trouble with the neighbors.

What are the downsides for seniors?

Havanese have extensive grooming needs

Their beautiful long coat also needs regular upkeep. Being double coated, Havanese need to be brushed 2 – 3 times a week and bathed either every week or no longer than 3 weeks. But Havanese are so lovable, most owners don’t mind the frequent grooming.

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