vet inspecting a chihuahua's ear
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How Long Can Dogs Live with Vestibular Disease?

Vestibular disease in dogs is a treatable condition, with most dogs making a full recovery within 2-3 weeks. Assuming that the cause of vestibular disease is relatively benign (for example in the case of idiopathic […]

ear wrap for hematoma on a dog
Dog Illnesses

Dog Ear Hematoma Wraps: A Dog Owner’s Guide

Image credit: No Flap Ear Wrap Manufacturer. Overnight your dog’s ear ballooned up into a hot, squishy mess known as a hematoma. This occurs when blood collects between the cartilage and skin of a dog’s […]

dog shaking head
Dog Illnesses

Can Vestibular Disease Kill a Dog?

Vestibular disease arises spontaneously, and, often, resolves itself in the same way. For the most part, vestibular disease is a treatable condition, and many dogs will make a full recovery within 2-3 weeks. However, can […]