inspection of heart murmurs with older dog
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Dog Heart Murmur Symptoms

A heart murmur simply refers to the presence of abnormal sound produced by the heart, heard when listening with a stethoscope. These extra sounds come from turbulent blood flow within the chambers of the heart […]

dog tilting head
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Recurrence of Dog Vestibular Disease

In many cases, vestibular disease resolves itself spontaneously: most dogs will start to improve within 2 to 4 days, with 71% of dogs showing improvements after a median of 4 days after diagnosis according to this study: […]

wart on the muzzle of a dog
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Dog Warts (with 9 Pictures): Our Vets Share What to Do

✔️Article reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Whittenburg, Pet Hospital Director. Dog warts are single or clusters of tiny lumps, which can disappear after a few months. They are occasionally cancerous but are most often benign. Pictures of […]

chihuahua with a coat in the snow
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How Cold is Too Cold For Your Dog?

The answer depends on your dog. We have put together this guide to help you decide on cold is too cold for your dog. Which breeds handle snow and cold the best? Not all dog […]