black dog on a floor with some hair loss and black spots on skin
Dog skin issues

Hair Loss in Dogs

Hair loss and bald patches are a common issue in dogs, and a frequent symptom of several medical conditions. Browse by symptoms: Hair loss WITH itchiness or Hair loss WITHOUT itchiness Localized bald patch Hair […]

itchy dog scratching his ears outdoors
Dog skin issues

Itchy Skin in Dogs

Browse by symptoms Dogs can get itchy for a variety of reasons: allergies, such as food or environmental allergies, can lead to severe itching, redness, and skin inflammation. Parasitic infections like fleas, mites, or ticks […]

Dry flaky skin with some hairloss on a dog's tail
Dog skin issues

Flaky Skin in Dogs

Flaky skin in dogs, also known as dry skin or dermatitis, is a common issue characterized by the shedding of dry, scaly flakes from a dog’s skin. Browse by symptoms: Flaky skin with hair loss […]