Portrait of Dr. Liz Guise

Dr. Liz (Elizabeth) Guise graduated from the University of Minnesota with a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

After working as a small animal veterinarian for two years, caring for dogs and cats, she spent 13 years as a veterinary medical officer and auditor of animal food safety systems for the US Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Guise also earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Animal Bioscience from Pennsylvania State University in 1990.


  • Doctor of Medicine (MD), Veterinary Science from the University of Minnesota - College of Veterinary Medicine (1994)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Animal Bioscience from Pennsylvania State University (1990)

Articles written by Dr. Liz Guise

collage of pictures showing red circular lesions on dog skin
Dog skin issues

Circular Red Spots on Dogs [Pictures & Vet Advice]

Recently, a client asked me to examine their dog’s red, circular skin spots. After taking samples, I diagnosed the lesions as gnat bites and recommended an itch-relief shampoo to soothe the dog’s skin during bathing. […]

Dog Health

Black Nipple on Dogs? 6 Most Likely Reasons

When my daughter noticed our English Springer Spaniel had a black nipple, I checked the area. Because our furbaby is spayed, I knew she wasn’t pregnant or nursing, so I narrowed down my considerations.  There […]

dog with hives
Dog skin issues

Pictures of Dogs With Hives [6 Examples]

When I worked as a veterinarian in a pet clinic, owners would often call me because their dogs had red, itchy bumps, and they were not sure what to do. After asking questions about the […]