dog laying in front of this food bowl not eating
Diet & Nutrition

9 Tips to Get Your Old Dog To Eat More

Getting older dogs to eat can often be a challenge as there are multiple reasons for our golden oldies to decide that they’re just not that hungry anymore. A gradual decrease in appetite which isn’t […]

dog standing in front of a bowl of food and not eating
Health Issues

Older Dog Not Eating?

Is your older dog not eating as much as he used to?  If so, it’s natural to worry – but not always necessary. There are lots of reasons why Fido’s appetite isn’t up to par. […]

Health Issues

How To Keep Weight on an Older Dog

It can be difficult to keep weight on an older dog for several reasons, including poor appetite, poor digestive function, loss of muscle mass, slowing metabolism and more. However, Illness/disease can cause sudden, significant or sustained […]

pet dressed up as scientist to prepare supplements
Products & Supplies

The Best Supplements For Older Dogs

Choosing one of the best supplements for older dogs is a popular way to help alleviate some of the most common senior dog health problems. But there are SO many different manufacturers, products, claims and […]

several supplements including bone-shaped items
Diet & Nutrition

About Senior Dog Supplements

Senior dog supplements come in all shapes, sizes and formulas. They also target a wide range of health issues or needs. Not every older dog needs a nutritional supplement or extra vitamins/nutrients. If your golden […]

dog licking his lips
Diet & Nutrition

Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs

Finding dog food for senior dogs isn’t difficult at all, in fact there are many formulas specifically designed with older dogs in mind. BUT, just like younger dogs, seniors are not all the same, and […]

Diet & Nutrition

Senior Dog Nutrition – An Owner’s Guide

Senior dog nutrition is an important part of keeping our older dogs healthy and happy. But simply buying a bag of ‘Senior Dog Food’  won’t cut it! Elderly dogs are old, but they’re still unique […]