veterinarian examing dog fur
Pictures of Common Conditions in Dogs

11 Types of HARD Lumps on Dogs [With Pictures]

Hard lumps can be a wide range of things, some of which are worrying and sinister and others that are completely harmless or benign. A new hard lump on a dog is always something worth […]

Black lump on a brown dog
Dog skin issues

6 Types of Black Lumps on Dogs [With Pictures]

It can be concerning to see a new black lump on your dog, particularly because black growths may mean cancer in human medicine. When I worked as a veterinarian, I encountered various causes for black […]

Dog skin issues

Chest or Rib Cage Lumps In Dogs [Vet Advice]

Lumps and bumps on dogs’ chests and rib cages are a common finding in our vet clinic, especially in older patients. We frequently see benign masses like lipomas, sebaceous cysts, and adenomas, as well as […]