Position: Part-Time Editor & Content Manager

Location: Seattle.
Most of the work will be remote and can be performed at your preferred times working from your home. Initial training will be provided in person in Seattle and we will meet 2-3 times per month in person (1-hour meeting). In person meetings can take place at your preferred location near your home.

Time: about 10-12 hours per week in 2023.
We are growing (80% year-over-year) so this might change in 2024.


We expect the editor to be somewhat flexible as we are a small business and projects often change from month to month. However, the core of the work is:

  1. Improve existing articles. This involves copy editing, adding new sections with new content, and adding images.
  2. Edit new articles. When experts send us new articles, we sometimes need to edit them before they get published.
  3. Write outlines for our writers. You will write outlines yourself AND/OR supervise outline writers (we are already working with 2 people to write outlines). Assign outlines to our expert writers.
  4. Write new content. For topics that do not require experts (such as veterinarians for health articles), you may also write new articles from scratch.

Websites: this position would cover 3 websites: