If you know the signs of dog symptoms at the early stage then you can find right treatments and effective medicine to cure your dog’s illness and diseases.
You will have to watch and learn your dog behaviors under normal condition. If your dog start to react strangely or differently such as scratching their skin too much could mean that they are having skin problems or some kind of allergy.
Before you diagnosis that your dog is having allergy problems you should think of other related problems that can cause false sign for allergy symptoms such as your dog might scratches their skin due to rash, insect bite etc. Doing daily inspection on your dog will helps you a lot in detecting sign of symptoms at the early stage.
The spot that is sensitive and mainly used for illness inspection is dog’s eye, ear, nose, mouth, respiratory and heart rate. You can also record the weight of your dog if it is increase or decrease rapidly then you can suspect that your dog is having some kind of illness symptoms. Look for wounds that may cause infection which can lead to other diseases and illnesses.
Dog will act differently when they are sick or having some kind of injury so you have to watch over them for sign of symptom by paying attention to their posture, appetite and behaviors.

Normal temperature, heart and respiratory rate

Before learning more about other kind of dog symptoms, you should learn how to check for canine vital sign by measuring their temperature, heart and respiratory rate.
The normal dog heart rate is 60 – 160 beats per minute, normal respiratory rate is 10 – 30 breaths per minute and normal temperature is 101 – 102.5 degree fahrenheit.
Check your dog’s rates and compare with the standard rate to know that your dog have symptoms or not. You can check heart rate by placing your hand over your dog chest or other spots such as inside of back leg and measure their pulse.
Respiratory rate is measure by counting chest expand and deflate. Another method is placing a wet finger near your dog’s nose to feel his breathing in and out. Digital thermometer work really well and very accurate when measuring temperature.

Dog symptoms are divided into different group or categories.

Chronic symptoms

Allergy is one of the chronic problems which is cause by overreaction of immune system to some foreign substances. External cause of allergy are object contact, flea bite, some type of food, bacteria infection, and inhalant.
The symptoms are itching of the skin, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, nasal and eye (ocular) discharge.

Acute symptoms

Life threatening conditions such as kidney failure, poisoning, painful abdomen etc. You can’t do much about it so you must take your dog to your local veterinarian as quick as possible.
Diseases and illness conditions can be both chronic and acute symptoms so don’t treat your dog all by yourself, follow veterinarian advice and procedures to cure your dog effectively.

Here is a few basic baseline information that will help you determine the health and conditions of your dog.

First, look out for vital canine sign by measuring the 3 standard parameters mentioned above which are heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature. These 3 informations can tell you that your dog is starting to have illness or not.
Second, look for pain spots that your dog might has from injuries because these wound can cause bacteria infection which can further lead to other kind of diseases. The pain spots is quiet hard to find since your dog can’t speak so you will have to know how to identify it by yourself from your dog behaviors.
Third, look for causes of vomiting since there are many reasons that may be to cause of vomiting ranging from eating plant and grass to serious illness conditions so it is better to ask your local veterinarian for more informations on your dog vomiting symptoms.
Fourth, chronic symptoms can be serious for some conditions so you will have to know the accurate diagnosis of your dog symptoms to give the right and effective treatments.
Fifth, Look for burn symptoms that are caused by heat, chemicals, electric shocks and radiation such as sun burn. It is shown clearly on the color of your dog nose and skin. The basic treatments for burn is to protect the area from scratching or rubbing, clip the hair around the burned part out and wash the area gently with surgical soap.
Sixth, Look for fractures or broken bones, This broken leg symptoms are shown clearly by the way your dog walk and change in behaviors.
Seventh, Diseases and illness conditions have many kind of symptoms and acute symptoms is one of them. One of the ways to know is to take your dog to the veterinarian then check by different types of blood test and urine test.
Finally, If your dog are having life threatening injuries then you must give first aid treatments and take them to your local veterinarian clinic as quick as possible because these conditions are timely sensitive which means that one second can take the life of your dog.
When you recognized your dog symptoms by watching for the signs of change from their normal behaviors then you can give them the right kind of treatments, provides effective cure and first aid. Spending little times on your dog can save them from pain, injuries which lead to further infection and their life in some case. In addition from spending times taking care of your dog, you will get all the love back to you in return.


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