Tips For Walking Your Dog

Going on a daily dog walk is something your dog will look forward to. They love going out and exploring the world, getting to see new things and meeting other dogs. It is recommended that you walk your dog every day but many studies suggest that people don’t.  Is the reason people aren’t walking their dog because they don’t enjoy it? Or have they run out of time? Either way, below I have put a guide together of four tips for walking your dog that might make it that little bit easier for you. 

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Use a Short Dog Leash

When you are training your dog or first get one, it’s advisable you use a short dog leash. The reason for this is that it allows you to have more control when walking your dog. Once your dog is behaving correctly when taking them out, you can then look to get a dog leash or let them run free if it is safe to do so. When your dog is behaving and doing things correctly you can always reward their behaviour with some healthy dog treats

Give Yourself Enough Time For Your Dog Walk 

As with anything in life, if you rush it, it can be an unenjoyable experience and detrimental overall. This is the same for going on a walk with your dog. When taking them for a walk, give yourself enough time to do so. This way you are not rushing around, walking too fast for them, or they feel that they haven’t been out long enough. Try and get out daily and aim to achieve the recommended timeframe for walking your dog (although this can vary depending on the dog and its requirements). As your dog gets older it may be that you don’t take them out as much. 

Walk-In Front Of Your Dog 

When going on a walk you are in charge so it’s important to show this authority. By walking in front of your dog, it presents you as the leader and your dog will understand this. If your dog is leading you the whole time and tugging at their lead to get even further in front, it is them being the pack leader. When arriving back home, it is important that you are the first one in, the same for when you are leaving that you are the first one out. It’s no problem if your dog is beside you whilst you walk. 

Allow Your Dog To Sniff And Explore 

Often when on a dog walk, they will stop and start sniffing the floor, or try to explore certain areas. It’s important that you let them do this as this is part of their enjoyment of your dog walk. If you are tugging at them to stop, this can then cause them to misbehave. If they do it every second of course move them on, but make sure you allow them to do it at some point of your walk. 

Do you enjoy walking your dog? What tips can you let our readers know about that makes your dog walk easier for both of you? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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