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by angie
(ottawa, ontario)

Noelle in her golden years

Noelle in her golden years

I adopted her from a very bad situation,she is daschund & jack russell mix.

She is a blessing let me tell you! I was scared because of how jack russells are, HYPER! she gets in her playful mode, twice a month I would say.

She’s 15 so I have been having a hard time with her getting in her senior years. Trying to stop that and just think of the positive things. I grew up with many dogs but she is MY first. Get this, she’s VERY quiet,very CALM and listens well, when she can hear me, and quite the cuddler…

When she does want to play though, I take full advantage of it! Nothing cuter with her butt up in the air telling me she wants to run!
I sometimes feel that I will never be this lucky ever again IF I decide to get another dog after her.. Thanks..


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