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Bella Mia Maggio

Score for Seniors:
Activity Level:
Weight: Pounds

by Lynn Maggio
(Tampa, FL)

Bella #1 Fan

Bella #1 Fan

Bella Mia Maggio is a sixteen year old Cocker Spaniel who has been in our family her whole life.

A loving, tender, and yes, spoiled gal, seeing her become a senior citizen is something I never thought about. Her “brother” Michael, was in 6th grade, has since graduated from college and now 26 yrs. old involved in the baseball world.

Bella now sleeps alot, doesn’t bark at thunderstorms or the doorbell like she did in the past but still likes her Belly rubbed! I know it will come someday, but can’t imagine life without her now.

Here’s my girl!

Lynn Maggio

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Bella is adorable, what a sweet face.. and that big, fluffy paw <3

It definitely is so hard having to lose our beloved dogs, if only they could have lifespans like ours.

Sixteen happy years is amazing though, Bella is a very lucky girl and I’m sure she brings a huge amount of love into your lives. Thanks so much for sharing her photo
~ Sue


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