Health Issues

Old Dog Vestibular Disease

Old Dog Vestibular Disease can be triggered by a number of things including inner ear problems, a collar related injury, a brain injury or tumor or a central nervous system dysfunction. However, often there is […]

Health Issues

Getting Older Dogs To Eat

Getting older dogs to eat can often be a challenge as there are multiple reasons for our golden oldies to decide that they’re just not that hungry anymore. A gradual decrease in appetite which isn’t […]

Health Issues

Your Guide To Older Dog Heart Problems

Older dog heart problems are fairly common, and your senior dog may develop some type of heart disease…. eventually. This is because the heart is a very complex organ. As your dog’s body ages, so […]

Behavior & Training

Puppies And Older Dogs – Can It Work?

Mixing puppies and older dogs can be like creating the perfect PB&J… or it can be more like trying to blend oil and water! If you’re planning on introducing a new puppy, or another adult […]

Health Issues

Pain Relief For Senior Dogs

Choosing the right dog pain relief is an important part of helping your pet heal and feel better. Pain can be the result of a number of different conditions, and it’s important to know how […]

Health Issues

All About Weight Loss In Older Dogs

Weight loss in older dogs can be slow and subtle, or it can be sudden and noticeable. Either way, if you have an old dog who is losing weight it’s important to figure out why […]