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Dog Illnesses

My Old Dog is Wheezing During the Day or At Night

You may have noticed that your old dog started wheezing. Many owners in particular report that wheezing can occur frequently at night. Wheezing is a high-pitched, coarse whistling sound that occurs when your old dog breathe. […]

Health Issues

Best Diabetic Dog Treats in 2021

So, your dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and your vet has recommended that they need to go onto a special diabetic dog food diet. But the thought of keeping your poor pooch on […]

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Dog Care

Top 5 Veterinarian Tips to Care for Your Old Dog

Owners develop a special bond with their old dogs; over years of unquestioned loyalty and unwavering companionship that bond only strengthens with time. Perhaps you and your old dog have shared many family experiences from […]