Hi, my name is Sue and I’m the creator, owner and webmaster of seniortailwaggers.com

I’m so happy to welcome you to my website, and I want to let you know a little bit about the person behind it. Okay, let’s see…..

A woman and her dog

I’ve been a dog-lover ever since I can remember (and my mom insists this love-affair started as soon as I was old enough to crawl along behind the family dog!).

My very first ‘own’ dog was my 13th birthday gift, a beautiful Sheltie that I named ‘Honey’. It was love at first sight.

Taking her to obedience class was my first formal dog training experience… and she was a star. I remember being one very proud mom 🙂

Now, decades later (let’s not count how many!), I’m still passionate about dogs and have owned, raised, trained and loved  a whole range four-legged furballs.

Both big and small, from puppies to seniors, and personalities of all types…. through the years they’ve taught me more than I have taught them and I’ve enjoyed every single lesson.

Ours is a multi-dog home. Actually to be totally honest, it’s a multi-PET home…. three dogs (one senior), one cat, one sugar-glider and one parrot…. at this moment. It could expand tomorrow, who knows?

Who Else Am I?

Although being a dog owner/lover/advocate is a big part of my life, there’s a LOT more.

I’m mom to 6 wonderful children, the youngest being 19, so they’re not underfoot all day anymore. But I’m so lucky that we’re all still very close, both geographically and emotionally.

I’m also a lover of books, movies, writing, blogging, drawing, country-living, the beach….. oh, and chocolate (that’s a biggie).

One day in the not-too-distant future I also hope to be a grandma!

WATCH: 3 Important Tips To Care For an Old Dog [VET VIDEO]

If you’re interested, here’s a quick look at what I think and feel about dogs and dog ownership……

I Believe That Owning A Dog Is A Privilege!

Dogs aren’t possessions or playthings – they’re living, breathing, thinking, feeling creatures with hearts, minds and souls (yes, souls!).

Over the years I’ve come to believe that dogs are actually better people than people are. They love without questions, demands, criteria or hidden agendas.

They forgive without hesitation. Are loyal even when they have no reason to be.

Dogs always look on the bright side of life and are happy with the simplest of pleasures.

If more people were like dogs, the world would be a happier, kinder place – and more fun to live in.

When you add a dog to your family (whether it’s a puppy, adult or senior) you need to be prepared to meet whatever needs he/she has, for the rest of her life.

Think about it – when you have a baby you don’t decide to put her up for adoption because she cries all night, or because she isn’t potty-trained by 18 months do you? So why do that to a dog?

Of course, our dog ISN’T human baby, but he IS totally dependent on us to take care of him, his life is literally in our hands.

To me that’s an honor, a privilege, a blessing and a gift. My dogs ‘belong’ to me, but I don’t ‘own’ them…. to me there’s a difference.

Puppy or senior citizen, they’re a much-loved part of my family and I’m proud and happy to say that I’ve passed that belief and love of dogs onto my children. That’s a legacy I’m happy with.

This website is devoted to senior dogs because I feel that the online dog-world tends to focus mainly on puppies and puppy care. There’s definitely a need for that (and I have another website which helps puppy owners) but our older dogs are no less important, valued or loved.

Owners of senior dogs need help, advice, tips and support as much as puppy-owners do, because older dogs have their own unique set of problems, concerns and issues.

Of course puppies are adorable (I’m a complete pushover for puppy-dog eyes), but senior dogs have a mixture of dignity, strength, vulnerability, compassion, love and need that melts my heart.

Our western culture doesn’t always honor or respect our elders, even the human kind, but we should.

They have a lot of knowledge, wisdom, experience and love to share…. and so do senior dogs.

I’m so grateful to have shared so many years with my dogs, and I look forward to many, many more.

If, through my websites, I can help owners to build strong, loving relationships with their dogs, and to enjoy and cherish their years together, then that makes every second, every dollar and every keystroke worthwhile.

It’s all about the dogs. (Perhaps I should have just written that one line)

Thanks for reading my mammoth essay 🙂


About This Website

As you can see, this isn’t a faceless corporate site, or a big-name generic offering.

Every page has been carefully created using my lifetime’s worth of personal dog-owning experience, backed by extensive research.

It’s created by a dog lover, for dog lovers…. and my focus is on our dog’s senior years.

There are a ton of great websites devoted to puppies, or dogs in general, but try finding one that’s been created with the older dog in mind, it’s much more difficult.

When I began this website, my eldest dog, Bonnie, had just turned thirteen years old, and as the average lifespan of a Rottweiler is 9 to 10 years, she was definitely a senior citizen!

She was also lucky enough to be in good health, with only some minor aches, pains and quirks of old age.

Sadly, in January 2016 (at almost 15 years old) her heart failed and, although she’d been a happy, rolling-in-the-grass type girl until the very last day, she succumbed to old age and passed away peacefully, surrounded by the family who loved her.

Here is a photo taken of her the morning of her last day with us, when she made me laugh by coming in from rolling in the back yard looking like a porcupine due to all the dry grass covering her entire body!

Senior Rottweiler dog

You can read about how in-home euthanasia helped us get Bonnie gently across the Rainbow Bridge on my ‘Putting Your Dog To Sleep’ page.

My Bonnie girl wasn’t the first senior dog to own a piece of my heart, and she most definitely won’t be the last because I believe in adopting adult dogs, and our family has owned more than our fair share of ‘oldies’…. and that personal experience is pure gold.

To Sum It All Up…..

My goal is to help you handle the problems that come as part-and-package of having a senior dog in the house… while celebrating the joys, strengths and love that older dogs have in abundance.

I’m so happy that you’ve found my website, and I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.


  • Dr. Winnie earned a Master in Biology from St Georges University, and graduated from the University of Pretoria's Veterinary School. She is a full-time Veterinarian specializing in internal medicine for companion animals.